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‘Pop up’ teas served at Trellech

Trellech Teas
Trellech Teas

Trellech Teas was formally announced ‘open’ last Friday, October 12th by Debby Blakebrough, County Councillor for Trellech United, and David Davies, MP for Monmouth.

Trellech Teas is a once a week ‘pop-up’ tea/coffee shop held in The Babington Centre, Trellech every Friday afternoon between 2:00pm and 4:30pm. Times were set to enable parents to pop in before or after collecting children from school and for more elderly residents to come during daylight hours, even in winter.

Lifts for local people can be provided by request. Books and games for children to use have been provided by the playgroup Busy Bodies and by Trellech Primary School.

The main objective of Trellech Teas is to provide a convenient and convivial place for Trellech residents and visitors to meet old friends and make new ones over a quality cup of tea or coffee and slice of home-made cake.

The idea was hatched during Jubilee Weekend when some residents commented that there was nowhere to meet for a social ‘gettogether’ over a cuppa. Following a similar model of ‘pop-up’ café held every week in Llandogo Village Hall, Babington Centre Trustee Sarah Whiddett set out to create a ‘tea shop’ style feel to the Teas – tablecloths, waitress service, good quality tea and coffee (including cappuccino) and homemade cakes.

All cakes are made and kindly donated by volunteers and all the waitresses and helpers are volunteers too.

Debby Blakebrough, confirmed afternoon tea lover, expressed delight that this initiative gave local people the opportunity to meet up.

“In my new role as a county councillor I was given the great privilege of being invited to publically open Trellech Teas. This is one of the many community driven initiatives that makes living in Monmouthshire so special. It is in times such as these when economists paint a bleak and grey picture of austerity that we need the support, warmth and vibrancy that community life brings.

Trellech Teas provides that friendly resting place to linger over tea,wholesome homemade cake and scones while allowing the afternoon drift by with good conversation. It put me in mind of Wind in the Willows and Kenneth Grahame’s description of his story as ‘a life full of cake and teatime’.

I formally opened Trellech Teas by misquoting Wind in the Willows and announcing, ‘Trellech Teas come along inside and let’s see if tea and buns can make the world a better place’.

David Davies commented that this was an example of local people getting together to create a resource for the benefit of their community.

Sarah Whiddett, co-ordinator of Trellech Teas, thanked everyone who made the initiative successful including Wendy Lilley, Yvonne Turner, Gladys Young, Jean Hughes, Ann Powis and all the other ‘Trellech Tea Ladies’ plus Peter and Sue Flower who donated equipment, Peter and Catherine Symeswho provide the pictures and Lynne Seymour who has made cakes every week despite not being able to attend due to work commitments.

Funds raised at Trellech Teas will be split between The Babington Centre and Trellech BIG Weekend, a celebration for residents of Trellech and surrounding area to be held next June.

Future plans for Trellech Teas include DVD lending library, book swaps and information points for service providers (e.g. library services and local businesses).

Monmouth MP David Davies said: “I was absolutely delighted to attend the opening of Trellech Teas and support this tremendous initiative for the local community. Not only will the cafe bring residents and visitors together, it will help to raise funds for the Babington Centre and for Trellech’s BIG Weekend. I strongly recommended the delicious homemade cakes to everyone and I can’t wait to pop in the next time I am passing through.”

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