The Babington Centre, Trellech BIG Weekend, Trellech Teas

Trellech Teas news: Fundraising

I said last month that I was in the process of finalising our last quarter and last year’s takings.  I am pleased to say that we raised £1,402 last quarter and £4,756 last year.  This is a fantastic contribution to the Village Hall and the BIG Weekend.

However, Trellech Teas is more than a fundraising activity – it has become a weekly ‘must visit’ place for many people in the area and a special treat for many more who pop in when they can.  Once again, thanks to all of you who make it such a success.

Whilst we’re talking about fundraising, look out for our first ‘Take-Over’ Teas on February 20th.  This is where a local fundraising group takes over the running of the Teas to raise money for their cause.  It’s our way of helping out local causes and a sneaky way to promote the Teas (a ‘win-win’ situation).  This month it’s the turn of Oscar’s Adventures – more of that below.

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