The Babington Centre, Trellech Village Hall

Recent Refurbishment at the Village Hall 

A refurbishment project to improve facilities within the hall is nearing completion, and we apologise for any minor inconvenience this may have caused in recent weeks. The work has taken significantly longer than expected due to several factors including the non availability of essential materials and suitably skilled contractors.  The unexpected exposure of severe deterioration in the fabric of the building also delayed completion.

However, the trustees are pleased to confirm that following work has been completed:

Main Hall 

  • New heating system installed
  • Removal of low efficiency lighting


  • Floors replaced
  • Walls plastered and painted
  • New equipment installed including events fridge, daily fridge, cooker, catering quality dishwasher, water heater, wall cupboards, two sink units
  • Plumbing replaced
  • Mains water isolator installed
  • Ventilation improved


  • Floors replaced
  • New plumbing installed
  • New equipment installed including all sanitary ware , water heaters, ventilation
  • New partitions installed
  • Walls repaired and painted
  • Plaster walls and window sills replaced with heavy duty, easy clean plastic panels


  • All door locks replaced
  • Temporary repairs to small lobby door frame
  • Gutters and downpipes repaired and cleaned
  • Leaks in roof sealed
  • External water supply installed


  • Sink unit and associated plumbing removed

All work has been undertaken by, or under the supervision of, qualified professionals.  Monmouthshire Building Control Officers have been kept abreast of progress and minor points raised by Environmental Health Officers have been addressed to their satisfaction.

There are still a few lose ends to tie up and further work to be undertaken, including:

  • Plastering of the lobby ceiling
  • Installation of lighting in the main hall
  • Fitting of curtains
  • Replacement of carpet in the foyer
  • Commissioning of the new heating system
  • Installation of cooker splash back and hood
  • Final adjustment and repositioning of kitchen equipment and cupboards
  • Installation of a third sink  unit and additional tables
  • Improvements to lobby external door frame
  • General painting and decoration
  • Repairs to windows

The trustees really value the support of all those who use the hall and are anxious to learn of any matters that remain to be addressed.  The trustees will also be pleased to receive suggestions for further improvements.

Trustees of the Trellech Babington Educational Trust


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