The Babington Centre, Trellech Village Hall

Technically S@vvy Grown-Ups in Wales?

logoTrellech Village Hall at 3pm on 7th July (Public Meeting)
Technically S@vvy Grown-Ups in Wales?

Are you sick of asking the kids how to do stuff on computers, tablets and smartphones, only to find when they finally get around to showing you it’s still a blur?

You’re not alone. It’s the same all around the world – “We grown-ups may well be savvy in life but often when it comes to being savvy with technology, it’s fair to say we struggle a bit” says Grant Sidaway of S@vvyfolk.

S@vvyfolk is a new concept about to make a start in these parts. It’s a community training network that supports and motivates people to enjoy and use technology in their everyday lives. “People of similar ages teaching each other techy things, using their own language at their own pace has worked extremely well in other countries and it’s about to work well here.” says Grant.

We are hoping to have a good turn-out at the public meeting on the 7th July to help kick things off.

We are looking forward to meeting people who want to learn how to use everyday technology.

We will also hope to meet people who want to help others use everyday technology too.

Together they will start something new. “So if we get enough support we will be underway in no time”. Sure, there will be things to organise, but Grant has 25 years’ experience in other countries in doing just that –“It’s the local support that will make it happen.”

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