The Babington Centre, Trellech Village Hall

Our village No. 65 bus service is still under threat

Please complete the No. 65 Bus Petition – the more people we can get to complete the better chance we have of saving this service and it literally takes seconds.
Thank you for your support.
Some news on the planned withdrawal of the 65 bus service:
The County Council have announced that “members have reflected upon this proposal and its implementation has been suspended”. They say that “this is because a wider review of public bus services is being undertaken at a county wide and potentially regional level” but the other explanation is the outcry from the villages affected, with, apparently, over 1,000 signatures on the petition (paper and online) calling for a protection of the service, as well as the many letters and emails sent.
As this is just a ‘suspension’ of the proposal, the petition is still open and the issue will be taken to the Council meeting on Thursday by our County Councillor, Debby Blakebrough, and Richard John, Councillor for Mitchel Troy, who have supported retention of the service. They will stress the strength of feeling about the issue and the importance of the bus to the villages, so that it is a matter of record and will hopefully be remembered during the Council’s review. Petition numbers will be sent to the Council on Thursday, in time for the meeting, so if you do know people who may wish to sign and have not yet done so there is still time to pass on the link.
The issue is not over, but at least we have a temporary reprieve, and we must congratulate Rosemary Corcoran and Jane Gilliard who organised the petition and have done a great job of publicising the issue to the villages.

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