History of The Babington Centre

Trellech Babington Educational Trust (Registered Charity No 525624)

The original charity dates from 1691 when the Reverend Zacharias Babington gave a schoolhouse and land so that poor children living in Trellech could be educated (it is claimed that the Trust is one of the 80 oldest trusts in England & Wales).

When a new primary school was built in the village the school closed. Monmouth Diocese claimed the school and land and obtained planning permission for a dwelling and two houses in the grounds. Fortunately the Reverend Zachariah Babington had made a good will and that together with the deeds persuaded the Diocese to withdraw their claim as the original charity was for the “benefit of the people of Trellech”.

The present trust was established in 1992 and the challenge of raising sufficient funds to keep it as a village facility continues. In common with many other villages “use it or lose it” is key and in these challenging economic times that’s is not an easy task. Those who use the facility enjoy it and those who attended the school have fond memories. We would be pleased to hear from those who went to the school about their memories.

As for the future history of the Centre, that is in the hands of the people of Trellech and surrounding community. In the next 12 months we will, apart from our usual activities, be developing ways for people to contribute donations and also networking to keep the Babington Centre in the village as a facility for future generations.