Trellech Babington Educational Trust

(Registered Charity No 525624)

The hall is run by the Trellech Babington Educational Trust, a registered charity. All Trustees are members of the Management Committee of the hall and are unpaid volunteers.

A separate group of volunteers – Friends of the Babington – help out with cleaning, maintenance, organising and running events etc.

We have no paid help and are reliant upon hire income, grant-aid (if lucky) and donations to keep things running smoothly.

We would therefore ask you to please treat the hall as you would your own home and to leave it as you find it – hopefully clean, tidy and in working order!

Should you find anything broken, unserviceable or unsatisfactory, please tell a member of the committee and / or make an entry in the defects book in the foyer.

The hall does not have a rubbish collection. Please take your rubbish away with you after your event and dispose of it responsibly.

Many thanks!

The Trustees