The Babington Centre, Trellech Village Hall

Guaranteeing the Future of Trellech Village Hall

The Busy Bodies playgroup has been a well respected and valued tenant of the Trellech Village Hall for many years, but next week will see the start of their last year with us before moving to a purpose-built facility within the Trellech Primary School grounds in 2020.  The Trustees will be sad to see them go but agree that a modern, dedicated facility will be beneficial to children and staff and are delighted the council have secured funding to make it happen.

Busy Bodies’ move to better premises is not only to their advantage but also allows the hall to be used for a wider range of social, educational and commercial activities.  The Trustees have been considering options for its wider use for some months:  outline plans have been drafted for an extension to the hall and suggestions have been sought within the community.  In order to maximise community engagement and confirm the best course of action for the future, the trustees will be holding several informal open sessions at the hall to share their thoughts so far and to listen to the views of others.

These drop-in sessions are planned for:

  • Thursday 10th October between 6.30pm. and 9.00 pm.
  • Friday 11th October 2pm – 5pm (upstairs in hall)
  • Saturday 12th October 10am to noon

It is hoped that any residents, hirers or future hirers will come along to look at the draft plans which include larger, more fit for purpose facilities which could facilitate lifelong learning classes, entertainment, sports and social activities. There are also potential plans to enhance the grounds with an information centre, play area and bike racks.

The Trellech Village Hall is part of a registered charity (Babington Educational Trust) and as such the Trustees have a formal obligation to manage the assets of the trust in line with Charity Commission guidelines and UK law.  The Trust includes the hall building and as such, revenues must cover its running costs as well as protecting the fabric of the building for years ahead. If the hall isn’t used it might have to be closed.  Such a course of action is not desired by the trustees but will be the unfortunate outcome if realistic and financially sound use of the facilities cannot be identified.

The Trustees look forward to hearing the views of those in the local and extended community. We will also be launching a new website this week (watch this space!) and will also post a presentation on our recent work for those who cannot get to one of the drop in sessions.

The Babington Centre, Trellech Village Hall

The Trustees are very saddened to hear about the potential closure of Trellech Village Stores

The Trellech Babington Educational Trust had an informal conversation with the Trellech Village Stores some months ago about the potential to work together on a possible new venture. This was very much a hypothetical conversation around some plans which were not even at the outline stage.
In a bid to orient any plans around the key stakeholders in the village, we reached out to the Trellech Village Stores to assess their opinion on being involved as we have reached out to other stakeholders.
The Trust would hope that the plans of Trellech Village Stores are reviewed to ensure the continued service given by a valued asset within the village of Trellech.


The Babington Centre, Trellech Village Hall

Trellech Beacon Dash 2019

The Trellech Beacon Dash c.10km multi-terrain running race is now entering its third year.

Brought to you by Spirit of Monmouth Running Club (who also organise the Kymin Dash and the Monmouth Santa Fun Run) with the Babington Centre (aka Trellech Village Hall), a registered charity.

The 2019 race will be held at 11am on Sunday November 3rd.


Come and join us for the third running of the Trellech Beacon Dash in November.  Entry procedures will be published in the coming weeks.

About the Race

The Trellech Beacon Dash was a brand new c.10km multi-terrain running race for 2017. Brought to you by Spirit of Monmouth Running Club with the Babington Centre (aka Trellech Village Hall), a registered charity.

When we say multi-terrain, we aren’t kidding! There is tarmac, forestry track, woodland trails and farmland. Trail shoes are strongly recommended as parts of the course could potentially be very muddy and waterlogged. Just like the Kymin Dash, the race starts on a hill! Much of the first two miles is uphill (though not as steep as the Kymin). The good news is that once you have reached the Trellech Beacon, the rest of the race is fairly flat or downhill. There will be a separate prize for the first man and lady to reach the Beacon – plus the glory of being crowned “King” or “Queen” of the Beacon. The race has about 400ft of ascent in total.

The other advantage of the uphill climb at the beginning is that (in good weather), there are lots of far-reaching views to enjoy. We don’t think there are many running races with views of the Brecon Beacons, the Malvern Hills, Monmouthshire AND the Wye Valley – even the Severn Bridge can be seen from the route! And of course the woodlands of Monmouthshire, through which the route runs, are stunning in late October.

There will be lots of marshals to help guide runners through the woodland and sweeper runners to ensure no-one is left behind. There will be a water station at approx 4 miles.

For all race participants, there will be refreshments at the Babington Centre after the race plus a little memento of the race. There will be prizes for King and Queen of the Beacon, Overall winners and age category winners.

If you have any questions at all about the race, you can message us on Facebook or via our website contact form.

We hope to see you there!

Spirit of Monmouth Running Club