The Babington Centre, Trellech Village Hall

Trellech Village Hall Newsletter, November 2018

The Babington Centre, Trellech Village Hall

With thanks to Hydrock, Bristol… and some amazing locals

Richard Swayne and the staff from Hydrock Bristol worked tirelessly for a whole day – in all we benefited from close to 180 man/woman hours of work.

Rees Rogers, Richard Swayne and Grahame Powell spent a day before preparing the site for some of the jobs. Although we didn’t quite get to painting the gates they were pressure washed along with benches.

On the day itself we were equally blessed with sunshine along there was a chill in the air.  We achieved a lot.  Gutters were cleaned, both the old notice boards were removed, the two remaining benches cleaned then all three treated with teak oil, the gate on the edge of the meadow by the shop was repaired and secured, boundaries were trimmed and hedges were trimmed. However, the most impressive work was that most of the very overgrown hedge and trees on the east boundary were removed.

The day was a great success.  A number of the Hydrock staff made comment on how much they had the enjoyed the day, also helped by the good lunch we provided and a pint of beer in the Lion.

Ed Rogers was also a vital help on Wednesday evening and Thursday taking away the cut bushes and trees with his tractor and grab.

A great day and our thanks go to our new friends at Hydrock.

The Babington Centre, Trellech Teas, Trellech Village Hall

Trellech Teas: Help needed

volunteeringCould you spare a Friday afternoon every now and then?  Can you bake a cake for us once in a while?  As you know, Trellech Teas relies on willing volunteers and we’d like to grow our team.  You don’t have to make a regular commitment – just do what you can when you can.

If you’d like to join our merry band of helpers, not only will you be joining a great team, make friends and have fun, you’ll also be able to start your weekend with a warm glow in your heart – and that’s a promise!

If you’re interested or would  like to find out more, please contact Sarah Whiddett on 01600 860967 or